Reorder Rows/Lines in Excel With Drag and Drop

You can easily drag and drop rows in Excel Worksheet to change their order:

  1. Select one or more lines on your worksheet (click the row number to select a single row)
  2. Move the mouse cursor over the borders of the selection. The cursor changes to a cross arrow.
  3. Press and hold the mouse button.
  4. Press and hold the Shift key.
  5. Drag the mouse cursor to the desired location of the row(s). Excel indicates the place where the rows will be moved.
  6. Release the mouse button.
  7. Release the Shift key.

If during the drag-and-drop you decide that you want to cancel the operation – press the Esc key and release the mouse button and the Shift key.

Pressing the Shift key during the drag and drop of the rows in Excel, instructs Excel to move the entire row, not only the content of the row.

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